Curator: Rosa Martínez with the special support of Harald Szeemann.
From 4th of June to 15th September, 2003.
Simone AABERG-KAERN (Denmark)
Pilar ALBARRACÍN (Spain)
Helena ALMEIDA (Portugal)
Vasco ARAÚJO (Portugal)
Meta Isaeus BERLIN (Sweden),
Pierre BISMUTH (France)
Christian BOLTANSKI (France),
Maurizio CATTELAN (Italy)
Berlinde De BRUYCKERE (Belgium)
Simone DECKER (Luxembourg)
Doris DRESCHER (Luxembourg) Tracey EMIN (United Kingdom)
Johan GRIMONPREZ (Belgium)
Mona HATOUM (United Kingdom) Christian JANKOWSKI (Germany)
Peter LAND (Denmark)
Tuomo MANNINEN (Finland)
Caroline McCARTHY (Ireland)
Marisa MERZ (Italy)
Aernout MIK (Holland)
Juan MUÑOZ (Spain),
Aemilia Papaphilippou (Greece)
Neo RAUCH (Germany)
Andreas SAVVA (Greece)
Sean TAYLOR (Ireland)
Magnus WALLIN (Sweden),
Maaria WIRKKALA (Finland)
Otto ZITKO (Austria)
Heimo ZOBERNIG (Austria).

In the context of the Greek Presidency of the European Union, the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art is organizing a big art exhibition under the title
© EUROPE EXISTS, which has been conceived as the sequel of the ART UNION EUROPE II that had been presented at the MMCA during the previous presidency of the country in 1994.
The exhibition is part of the official schedule of the especially organized events designed to celebrate the Greek Presidency in the E.U., and is being realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Spanish curator Rosa Martínez (Venice Biennale, Istanbul Biennale 5 etc.) is the curator responsible for the exhibition, with the special support of the “Agency of Spiritual Guidance” of the Swiss curator Harald Szeemann (Venice Biennale, Documenta V etc). The two curators are particularly pleased that the Macedonian Museum is offering them the opportunity to plan an exhibition together for the first time, despite their long acquaintance and previous collaboration on various projects.
The timely title of the exhibition “© EUROPE EXISTS” has been given by H. Szeemann and refers to the idea of Europe having a cultural and political identity of its own in this era of globalized imperialism.
In the exhibition there will be presented the work of 30 artists from each one of the 15 member countries of the European Union. The selected pieces will draw a fragmented panorama of the aesthetic diversity and the ideological concerns of contemporary visual arts. The ideals of Enlightment will be seen from the new perspectives of postcolonial, class and gender analysis. Irony and pleasure will also be tools to rethink the time and places we are living in.
The works are presented for the first time in Greece, while some of them are also presented for the first time in Europe, and some for the first time in the world.
Christian Boltanski is presenting an evolving project based on the portraits of the visitors of the exhibition, who through their participation will contribute to the creation of a huge collage. Otto Zitko and Aemilia Papaphilippou will construct works especially designed for the Museum space.
A colored bilingual catalogue will be published, designed by Ioannis Epameinondas. The cover will present a version for the European flag designed by Rem Koolhaas and Reiner de Graaf (©OMA). Texts by Rosa Martínez, Harald Szeemann, and the Italian writer Antonio Tabucchi will also be included.

The official opening of the exhibition will take place on June 6, at 20:30 in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Professor Evaggelos Venizelos.

Duration of the exhibition: 4 June – 15 September 2003
Coordination: ArtBOX | Arts Management,
Information: ArtBOX: 2310 224626 and MMCA : 2310 240002, 281.212, Th. Misirloglou and K. Syroglou
Supported by: Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Museum Sponsors: EFTA, Helexpo, Daliani Insurances, Minerva Hotel, Vergina Hotel, Macedonia newspaper, Panselinos magazine, ANT1 Radio, Radio Panorama, Radio Paratiritis.